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Marijuana has been called one of the biggest investment opportunities around and traders are hunting high and low to grab a piece of the cannabis gold rush!


Smart Cannabis Corp. (SCNA) Could Quickly Become a Household Name in Cannabis Growing!

Marijuana has been called one of the biggest investment opportunities around and traders are hunting high and low to grab a piece of the cannabis gold rush!

Gone are the days that only fruit and vegetables are considered the agricultural norm for growing. With an increase in the use of medicinal marijuana came a rise in the need for medicinal marijuana derived from cannabis crops. This is in addition, of course, to the extraordinary need to fulfill orders of good ol’ recreational marijuana.

Dispensaries across America have been running low on supplies because growers aren't cultivating marijuana fast enough to keep up with demand. Smart Cannabis Corp. is an answer to that need!

Smart Cannabis Corp. (SCNA) is one of the fastest growing and most profitable companies in the cannabis, agritech, and organic farming market. It is expected to soon be known as the "go-to" resource for growers everywhere!


We are in a marijuana revolution, cannabis investors!

The sentiment towards marijuana has undergone a seismic shift in recent years with more people supporting legislation that legalizes it than ever before. A recent Gallup poll has shown that 64% of Americans favor legalization, and even a majority of Republicans are suddenly backing it! Weed is lucrative not just for the grower, but for States as well.

Medicinal marijuana is now legal in 30 states while recreational marijuana is legal in 9 states plus the District of Columbia. More states are lining up to join the wave of legislation and, as they do, there is one thing that remains critical: to grow good quality marijuana fast.

Despite not yet being legal in all fifty states, there still isn't enough marijuana to go around. We're seeing a high demand but a low supply. Smart Cannabis Corp. is a solution to getting more crops up and running - as well as efficiently producing - with an app that makes growing easier than ever!

Smart Cannabis offers an app that lets you operate/monitor

Through its wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Farming, Smart Cannabis offers an app that lets a grower operate and monitor a smart greenhouse deployment, from on-site, at the office, or even at home.

Essentially, a grower can stay in their pajamas and operate a lucrative growing facility right from their couch!

The Next Generation Farming SMARTAPP, which is already featured exclusively in the Apple App Store, allows the grower to be quickly alerted if there’s a problem at the Next Generation Farming automated greenhouse, and respond effectively to any issue before it becomes a risk to their harvest. Being notified of a problem immediately can prevent losing an entire crop!

A temperature goes out of range, a fan stops, or a sensor goes out of range?

The app will alert its user...

Growers can stay on top of their operations with a full view of every greenhouse under their responsibility. The app allows growers to tap in to get an informative view of any individual greenhouse, and its sensor readings and measurements. Growers can, in turn, quickly determine if their controls need adjustment to tune the ideal conditions for crop growth.

This advanced technology gives growers peace of mind as they can easily ensure their greenhouses are operating at production capacity. The SMARTAPP provides a bird's eye view of their whole fleet of greenhouses and crops and, most importantly, helps prevent crop loss due to an unforeseen malfunction that would otherwise only be discovered if a grower is on-site.


Opportunity is ripe in the cannabis industry!

The marijuana industry has created a surge in employment opportunities and some educational institutions are even offering degrees in a myriad of marijuana studies.

Cultivators are in high demand due to the rapid need for greenhouses to grow and and produce high quality marijuana. This market represents a world of profit opportunity for SCNA to potentially cash-in on!

The company's subsidiary, Next Generation Farming Inc., also provides turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouses systems that efficiently improve yields and decrease water consumption for cultivators of organic food and cannabis crops.


Smart Cannabis is already successful thanks to extraordinary leadership.

It should be noted that this is a company that became a profitable and self-sustaining business in only 3 months! This is largely unheard of not only in agritech but any startup in the cannabis field.

You may be asking, how does a self-funded company go from a start-up to a profitable, self-sustaining business in such a short amount of time? It's thanks to the dynamic thinking of the company's own President.

In post WWII Japan, manufacturers in the country made smaller factories and housed only the raw materials needed for the day's production. Combined with a focus on eliminating waste, a strategy later known as Just-in-Time manufacturing was born. (It was in the late 1940's that a well-known company called Toyota adopted this strategy!)

SCNA President, John Taylor, has traveled to Europe several times and studied the operations at one of the world's largest machine tool providers, the Trumpf Group.

Few know more about first-hand implementation of Lean Manufacturing than Taylor. At the Trumpf Group, Taylor watched and learned as department after department, plant after plant, was transformed into a clockwork of precision.

With the marijuana industry growing at an exponential rate, Taylor put his focus on that arena. With the use of his synchro knowledge, he quickly developed Just-in-Time Systems geared specifically for commercial cannabis production with acknowledged global Lean Standards.

SCNA 20171017-0282-s-p-blc2-w.jpg

SCNA was recently featured in the California Business Journal, highlighting co-founders' John Taylor and Don Smith, and their goal of building a competitive automated greenhouse empire.

Don Smith, Executive Vice President:

"It's encouraging to garner the attention of publications interested in how and why entrepreneurs seize a particular industry to work within but, even more, it's rewarding to share how our vast backgrounds and talents make a difference in how the cannabis and agritech industries evolve. California Business Journal is highly respected which makes the recognition especially honorable."

President John Taylor:

"We have a massive year of growth coming this year so, despite the heavy workload, it's important to take a break from the workload to fulfill interview requests as important as this one. We're committed to making the world know what we're up to so stay tuned!"

Smart Cannnabis Corp. (SCNA) is still at the early stages of recognition which means at these levels there could be massive upside potential for those who read about the company now!

This is a company that saw an astonishing 1286% increase in revenue last year compared to 2016 as well as a 270% growth in assets. As innovation continues, 2018 could be a breakout year for the company as Wall Street learns more about it…

The recreational and medical marijuana revolution is well underway and SCNA is a hidden gem trading under the radar right now!